The abdomen is an important region of a human body it contains
many of the vital organs of the body, so if there is discomfort in this
region then the cause can be linked to many organs so first a
medical/dental student has to know the regions of the abdomen to
diagnose the present cause of the pain and to which organ it is related
Here in the image we can see the diffrent regions of the abdomen,

  1. Right Hypochondrium
  2. Epigastrum
  3. Left Hypochondrium
  4. Right Lumbar
  5. Umbilical
  6. Left Lumbar
  7. Right Illiac
  8. Hypogastrium (or) Suprapubic
  9. Left illeac
Below the Illeac region lies the Pelvic region, knowing this
regions of te abdomen is or great importance to a medical student to
evaluate the cause of the disease and to diagnose the cause of the